Tomato Consomme

Native to the Americas, first cultivated by the Incas and Aztecs, the tomato was sadly the first genetically engineered food approved by the USDA.  The ripening gene has been altered allowing for longer travel times.  The heirloom is an old fashioned variety that open pollinates and self fertilizes, making each one natural.  Best way to use all of your tomato trim and parts, seeds, ends, ect.  Don’t throw away but save and use for this recipe.  You either grew the whole tomato in your garden or puchased the the whole item, best to get all of its glory.

Tomato Consommé

5# heirloom tomatoes, whole, trim, ends, ect
1 c shallots
1 english cucumber
1 T champagne vinegar
2 T salt
1 T crack black pepper
4 sprigs basil

Place all ingredients in blender and blend on high for five minutes
Place in cheesecloth that has been lined over a strainer or bowl and tie over chinois together to make a pouch
a over bowl. The liquid mass will drip slowly and should be clear. For additional strain, line strainer
with coffee filter. Let stand 4 hours, reserve liquid, discard tomato in cloth.
Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Suggested uses are for a clean palate cleanser, late afternoon shot, clear chilled soup, glaze cooked
vegetables, a new age bloody mary.

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