Sonoran Wheat Berry Pancake

Savory Sonoran Wheat Berry Pancake 

This pancake was inspired by whole, indigenous grains that are sourced locally and treated with a savory approach.  Sonoran Wheat is a heritage, single source organic wheat that is one of the oldest in North America.  

Pancake Batter 

1 cup (135g) Sonoran flour, local milled and all purpose 

2oz (56g) roasted garlic cloves, smashed 

1 cup (190g) oat milk 

1 egg 

1 cup (138g) toasted and cooked whole Sonoran wheat berry 

1 sprig rosemary 

3 leaves sage 

3 sprigs parsley 

1 tablespoon dried thyme 

1 tablespoon mustard 


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Separate into four equal portions and cook in non stick pan or cast iron pan until golden brown.  Turn pancake or flip over and continue to cook until golden brown on both sides.  Can be served warm or room temperature as an appetizer. 


This is the fun part.  This recipe will taste like a bit of holiday stuffing on a plate as an appetizer to be garnished on.  Adding dried cranberries, goat cheese, roasted squash, even leftover turkey or roast beef.  I have had fun using this as a base and adding curry to the batter, miso paste and often parmesan.  I like to build a salad on it with kale, okra, spinach, pecans, apples and sorghum.  


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