Hollandaise Sauce

This recipe will yield 3 cups of Hollandaise sauce, one of the 5 mother sauces developed by the French chef Auguste Escoffier.   He was the executive chef responsible for opening the Savoy Hotel in London with Cesar Ritz in 1889.


Sauce pan to hold 1-2 quarts of simmering water

Large metal mixing bowl- to rest on sauce pan but not touch the water.


Kitchen towel

Vessel to hold room temp clarified butter.

2-ounce ladle to portion butter when emulsifying


12 ounces clarified butter

6 each egg yolks

1 lemon, juice of one lemon

Pinch of chile pepper, cayenne or arbol preferred.

1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce

Salt and ground white pepper.


Place bowl on sauce pan with simmering water.

Add egg yolks and whisk until thickens to form a figure eight in the pan.

Add remaining ingredients and continue to whisk.

Be careful to not curdle eggs yolks in the sauce. If this happens, discard and start over.

Remove from pan and set on towel on flat surface.

Slowly add the clarified butter until emulsified using a label or vessel with a pour spout, adding in small amounts while whisking.

Reserve in water bath or ISI until ready to use.


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