Aztec Warrior Pudding

Inspired by ancient grains and flavors of Mesoamerica.  Amazing breakfast, lunch or snack and its super healthy even if you have to add a little agave or honey too but not necessary.  Makes one pint jar, shake well and refrigerate at least 6 hours or overnight or a couple days in advance.  Additions could be diced mango, fresh apple, dried fruit or a few more nuts.   Eat chilled with a spoon and share.


20 g chia seed

40 g organic quick oats

20 g hemp hearts

30 g cooked red quinoa

15 g sliced almonds

10 g goji berry

15 g raw pumpkin seed

300 g coconut milk with vanilla (almond) – not the Silk brand

Mix well in a mason jar, shake and refrigerate about 6 hours, stir well and enjoy.




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