Supper, an American Eatery

Supper, the Hotel Emma restaurant led by Chef John Brand, will focus on comforting and seasonally fresh greenmarket cuisine. The eatery will embody the sensibilities of both the farm table and bistro table. The cuisine will represent Brand’s elemental Midwestern approach in the kitchen peppered with South Texas’ multicultural food ways and the unique bounty of San Antonio’s year-round producers.

Hotel Emma's photo.



The highlands of Jalisco are home to the blue agave maturing for harvest in 7-10 years.  There are more than 160 varieties of agave but only the blue represents the best for tequila.


The jimadors harvest roughly over 300 pinas per day using this tool called a ‘coa’, a heavy flat blade hoe tool.  

 The heart of the agave or piña can cause a bit of an allergic reaction if exposed to the skin, the core is similar to fresh hearts of palm but can make your throat itch.

The pinas are steam roasted for 8 hours in the autoclave and allowed to cool before being removed to the distillery.    

The result is a cross between artichoke and a pumpkin, it tastes as delicious as the aroma.    The cooked agave is run through the mill to remove all the sugars leaving only a fibrous organic waste that is later composted.  The resulting brown liquid is fermented similar to a beer with proprietary yeast and distilled twice, first in a pot and finally in a column.        

Some of the results end up in French oak and American oak barrels and are aged, some are blended barrels or SBR, select barrel reserve to make the plata, reposado, and anejo.      

Aztec Warrior Pudding

Inspired by ancient grains and flavors of Mesoamerica.  Amazing breakfast, lunch or snack and its super healthy even if you have to add a little agave or honey too but not necessary.  Makes one pint jar, shake well and refrigerate at least 6 hours or overnight or a couple days in advance.  Additions could be diced mango, fresh apple, dried fruit or a few more nuts.   Eat chilled with a spoon and share.


20 g chia seed

40 g organic quick oats

20 g hemp hearts

30 g cooked red quinoa

15 g sliced almonds

10 g goji berry

15 g raw pumpkin seed

300 g coconut milk with vanilla (almond) – not the Silk brand

Mix well in a mason jar, shake and refrigerate about 6 hours, stir well and enjoy.




Ha! funny and sad food felonies


The chef used this because he didn’t know how to stabilize whipped cream for banquets


instant refried, in Texas, right next to the Rico’s




be a man, get a whisk, water bath and emulsify


lazy man butter


in a pan of vegetables


straight from the pirates of sea bass


cheap hotel butter


these were used to thicken mashed potatoes


soup thickener


sodium bomb


did not know this existed


breakfast in the south


thanksgiving prep