Chefs & Cellars September 15, 2013

Great night with Culinaria; special thanks to Chef Robbie, Erica, Chris, Melissa and Mickey. A Tin of Sin - Osetra, Siberian, Sturgeon, Trout and Dungeness Fruits de Mer - Loup, Abalone, Crab, Anchovy, Steelhead, Urchin Foie Gras with Fall Inspirations Beef Calotte wth Bone Marrow Beingnets, Turnip, Matsutake and Ramp Sauce Vierge Caramel Praline

Buen Provecho

The best thing I ate in Morelia was the Criollo Avocado, to date not available in the U.S. You can eat the skin, tastes with a little hint of mint and anise, all you need is a little sea salt for this perfect snack. All the food was fresh and real, the women of Morelia …

Pearl FM 3rd Anniversary Recipe: Smoked Lamb Neck, Ramps and Sauce Gribiche

Often underappreciated but easy to cook, the lamb neck is wonderful as a braised item.  I smoked todays lamb prior to braising and it pairs well with the classic sauce Gribiche.  For added flavor and punch, something fresh and just of the season are ramps, todays was as a salsa.  Also a light chervil gremoulata …

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