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  1. Can you use a Roaster Oven for your recipe “Perfect Prime rib”? I have 9 pounder that I’m cooking and I don’t want to mess it up. I’m also cooking other item’s for dinner so I kinda need that oven. Would you recommend grilling it instead? Merry Christmas and happy Holidays! Hopefully you get this in time… lol

    1. Sorry not my recipe but I would suggest an alternate method using oven and grill. You will need a thermometer. I do not have a suggestion for the roaster oven but I’m certain you could find a method online.
      Season rib generously today and roast at 180 degrees in your oven until internal temperature of prime rib is 105 degrees. This could take a couple hours. Remove and chill until ready to eat. Fire up the grill and cut into steaks and hard sear on grill and serve. May require more seasoning, with the added heat it will be a perfect medium rare ribeye steak. Enjoy!

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