Buen Provecho

The best thing I ate in Morelia was the Criollo Avocado, to date not available in the U.S. You can eat the skin, tastes with a little hint of mint and anise, all you need is a little sea salt for this perfect snack. All the food was fresh and real, the women of Morelia …


The center of the Michoacan state which shares its name with Michigan, defined as where 'fish abound' in indigenous languages. The native language does not exist anywhere else in Mexico but connects with the Zuni Indians of America. There is over 124 miles of coastline and is the agriculture center of all avocados produced in …


Beautiful colonial town set back in time, center for artisan craftsmanship of textiles, pottery, wood, painting and copper using pre Hispanic methods. The town square is the only one in Mexico not anchored by a church or cathedral. The locals perform a dance mocking the arrival of the Spanish in period costumes worn by the …


Sunday morning breakfast on the Main Street of Tupataro whose majority of the 300 residents are women. Only on Sundays do they prepare meals for the residents of the town who eat after church. The church was built by the Franciscans in the 16th century with most of the original features, including the wood floors.


First capital of the Purapecha empire on the highlands around the lake of Patzcuaro. There are five pyramids on this current archeological site, each dedicated to the gods of creation. Undefeated by the Aztecs who once lost 10,000 soldiers in one day but succumbed to the colonization of the Spanish in 1525.

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