Comestiblog: Tasting Notes

Omni Hotels & Resorts presents 'The Flavors of France' (Comestiblog tasting notes):

French Promotion Event NYC on October 12 at The Tasting Table Thank you Brake Through Media and Panforte Productions

The France Video, updated

A grateful trip of food and wine; wonderful land and people.

Pastry Tour of Saint-Germaine

Guided by Valrhona Chef Alex Espiritu, boutique pastry and chocolate shops. (note to self, they do not like pictures)

Third Day in Bordeaux

350 wine growers in the Bordeaux region and I was privileged to meet the owners and winemakers of select chateaux. Tasted several of their wines and learned distinct characteristics of production and harvest. la tour cantemerle greysac des tourtes

Chateau Belgrave

The 5th classified wine growth in Bordeaux in 1855, defined as beautiful pebble due to the nature of the earth. This years harvest may start in Monday as it can only be determined by the winemaker. If the wine doesn't meet the expectations of the wine grower, it is discarded. chateau Belgrave

Mouton Cadet

The fields were originally planted by the Romans and bought by a German, Rothschild in 1855. Mouton is sheep in French and cadet means youngest brother in reference to the Baron Philippe de Rothschild. They use technology inspired by the milk industry managing over 200 tanks of wine. It only takes 4 people to run …

Images from Auvergne

from the 8 hour drive Burgundy to Bordeaux....

Fallot Moutardie

Since 1840 in downtown Beaune, quaint Fallot is the 4th largest producer of 90,000 tons of mustard. USA is the largest producer in the world with France as the largest in Europe. In the 1800's there were over 300 factories in Burgundy, now there are four. Fallot is the only one that uses stones to …

Nicolas Feuillatte

The harvest of 2011 is over, it was the earliest harvest on record and early projections lead it to be a vintage year. Jean Pierre is retiring this year after 30 years with Nicolas Feuillatte, his first vintage was in 1985 and this may be the fourth total. There are four main sections of Champagne …

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