Chateau Belgrave

The 5th classified wine growth in Bordeaux in 1855, defined as beautiful pebble due to the nature of the earth. This years harvest may start in Monday as it can only be determined by the winemaker. If the wine doesn’t meet the expectations of the wine grower, it is discarded. chateau Belgrave



Mouton Cadet

The fields were originally planted by the Romans and bought by a German, Rothschild in 1855. Mouton is sheep in French and cadet means youngest brother in reference to the Baron Philippe de Rothschild. They use technology inspired by the milk industry managing over 200 tanks of wine. It only takes 4 people to run the winery. The aid of 8 people in the laboratory, they are able to produce 2000 labels of wine, three lines of production at 12,000 bottles per hour. Every bottle, wine, grape and cork are traceable with unique bar code system. mouton cadet