How to be a Better Chef 2.0

How to be a better chef…Leader of cooks
By Chef John Brand

Show you care. Be Compassionate. To Everyone.
People listen to your words and try to understand what you said. Be Specific.
People watch everything you do and evaluate how you do things.
People want you to lead them.
Be technically proficient. Be better, faster, and cleaner than your people at their jobs but never wield that as power.
Know yourself and constantly seek improvement.
Know your people and look out for their welfare.
Keep your people informed. Transparency on all matters builds relationships.
Train people as a team.
Develop a sense of accountability, ownership, and responsibility within everyone you work with.
Take responsibility for all of your actions. Everything is your fault.
Tell more stories, the context makes it easier to internalize values and lessons.
Find somebody doing something right and encourage positivity.
Work with people, not against them.
Have a purpose. Define that purpose clearly. Have a purpose.


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