The highlands of Jalisco are home to the blue agave maturing for harvest in 7-10 years.  There are more than 160 varieties of agave but only the blue represents the best for tequila.


The jimadors harvest roughly over 300 pinas per day using this tool called a ‘coa’, a heavy flat blade hoe tool.  

 The heart of the agave or piña can cause a bit of an allergic reaction if exposed to the skin, the core is similar to fresh hearts of palm but can make your throat itch.

The pinas are steam roasted for 8 hours in the autoclave and allowed to cool before being removed to the distillery.    

The result is a cross between artichoke and a pumpkin, it tastes as delicious as the aroma.    The cooked agave is run through the mill to remove all the sugars leaving only a fibrous organic waste that is later composted.  The resulting brown liquid is fermented similar to a beer with proprietary yeast and distilled twice, first in a pot and finally in a column.        

Some of the results end up in French oak and American oak barrels and are aged, some are blended barrels or SBR, select barrel reserve to make the plata, reposado, and anejo.      


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