Salmon Pastrami, Salad of Peruvian Purple Potato, Chive and Lemon Confit

Salmon Pastrami
Peruvian Purple Potato and Chive Salad

Salmon Cure
2c sugar
2 c kosher salt
2 c plum wine
1 salmon fillet, cut in half the longway
cover fillets in salt and sugar mix
pour plum wine over top and let sit in cooler for 24 hours
remove and wash with cold water
return to cooler to air dry 4 hours

Pastrami Cure for Salmon
1/2c coriander seed
1/2 c paprika
1/2 c cumin seed
1 c allspice
1/2 c black pepper
toast all
grind all in food mill
rub fillets with pastrami mix
wrap and freeze

Potato Salad
Blanched purple potato, fine dice
Blanched Yukon potato, fine dice
Crème fraiche
Lemon confit
Salt and pepper

Lemon Confit
4 lemons, rind removed
1 gal water
1 c sugar
1 c salt
boil lemon rind in sugar salt mix until tender and opaque
drain and simmer in clean water 5 minutes
reserve dry, fine brunois for when cool

Crème Fraiche
1 pt heavy cream
1 oz buttermilk
1 t lemon juice
let sit at room temp 2 days then chill

Garnish with fresh pea tendrils and lemon confit

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