Think Like a Chef: Kitchen Fundamentals

Kitchen Fundamentals

We Will:


Perform our jobs with professionalism and dedication

Taste everything as we prepare it and before we serve it

Serve top quality, fresh and wholesome food, from the first croissant to the last dessert

Know where our food comes from

Treat our colleagues with respect and dignity

Treat our products and kitchens with respect and dignity

Follow the rules of the kitchen

Work when we are supposed to work, there is always something to do

Realize we are here for the guest, to provide superior cuisine and service while achieving financial goals

Not be wasteful but fiscally responsible with product, equipment and energy sources

Be fanatical about food safety

Be fanatical about food safety– wash vegetables, wear gloves, abide time and temperature laws, label, date, clean

Follow all recipes and food preparation standards as determined by the chef

Protect our reputation with a passion

Not talk poorly of other people

Not serve anything we are not proud of

Work well with everyone

Be diligent and organized, dependable and on time

Respect our ingredients, typically our main job is to not mess them up

Simple obvious things are done well –blanching, crispy fries, perfect chives, golden sear, knife skills must be perfect

Challenge the pursuit of excellence and the quest for continued improvement


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