Pearl FM 3rd Anniversary Recipe: Smoked Lamb Neck, Ramps and Sauce Gribiche

Often underappreciated but easy to cook, the lamb neck is wonderful as a braised item.  I smoked todays lamb prior to braising and it pairs well with the classic sauce Gribiche.  For added flavor and punch, something fresh and just of the season are ramps, todays was as a salsa.  Also a light chervil gremoulata with blood orange zest and fresh horseradish.

The lamb can be purchased locally from Twin County Dorpers and the eggs are from a variety of farms such as todays Peeler Farms.

Lamb Neck

1 each or about 6 pounds, whole preferred.

Debone necks and smoke 45 minutes

Sear in cast iron pan.

2 carrot, cut large dice

1 celery stalk, large dice

2 onion, large dice

1 whole head of garlic

2 cups veal stock

2 cups cheap red wine

6 roma tomato, split


caramelize vegetables, add wine and reduce by half, add veal stock and reduce by half, place lamb neck in pan with vegetables and liquid, cook in oven almost 6 hours at 275 degrees until spoon tender

reserve in braising liquid and cool.  Remove from liquid, and portion, about 8 portions per neck.

Heat remaining liquid and strain, reserve for service.

Sauce Gribiche

4 eggs, cooked, cooled, and separated

1 T sour Cream

1 T mayo

2 gherkins, fine chopped

1 T capers, fine chopped

1 T red wine vinegar

Pinch of chives

Pinch of capers

1 T Dijon mustard

Splash of worchestershire sauce


Boil eggs.  Press yolks through fine mesh screen.  Press whites through fine mesh screen.  Add remaining ingredients and mix well, season

Ramp Salsa

2 cups Virginia Ramps, chopped

2 cups arugula

2 shallots

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Blend in food processor, season with salt and pepper


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