Peeler Farms Chicken and Quinoa, Cherries, Marcona Almonds, and Goat Cheese

Thanks to all who visited at the Pearl Market last week.  A nice, low temp chicken main course or salad that doesn’t heat up the whole house on a hot day.  Poached in almond milk with lemon and thyme for about 20 minutes and tossed with healthy ingredients, perfect for lighter healthier eating and if you are in fitness training.  Inspired by Amy and the Incas,  our local chicken farm takes center stage.   I used red quinoa, but black or regular also work as well.  Cook in a vegetable broth or cider to give it flavor, even green tea will lend great aromatics.  Not a true grain but seeds related to spinach, good for you, reduces migraines and perfect for gluten sensitivities.  A handful of almonds a day is good for the heart.


1 portion of chicken, either thigh or breast per person

32oz almond milk or enough to cover chicken in sauce pot

1/2 lemon, squeezed and placed in liquid

5 sprigs fresh thyme

salt and pepper

Poach on low heat, about 20 minutes, more if necessary,  liquid should not boil, but simmer until chicken is cooked through.  Allow to cool before pulling meat, reserve in bowl.

1/2 cup cooked quinoa per person

squeeze of fresh mandarin or clementine

olive oil

3T  cup fresh cherries, pitted and quartered

3T marcona almonds

1 stalk of celery, hearts and leaves removed, chiffonade interior white and yellow leaves only

1/2 c arugula, rough chopped

3 T local radishes shaved

2 T crumbled goat cheese or whipped smooth at room temperature

salt and pepper

Add all ingredients on a bowl and season well, adjust quantities if necessary, pending texture preference and sweetness of cherries, all the ingredients are good for you.





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