Potato Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi can be made a variety of methods with a variety of ingredients that include flour, cheese, and egg. This
favorite and easy method involves potatoes. It may take some practice to get the feel and texture right and with
success you can alternate the potato for ricotta cheese, cornmeal, chickpea flour, ect. Use this as a base or as a solid
consistent recipe as delightful, warm, and hearty part to any meal.  Check the method below for some integral technique preparations.

2 Idaho potatoes, baked
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
Pinch of nutmeg
Parmesan cheese, grated
Cold water
All purpose flour

Peel baked potatoes and press through strainer onto floured cutting board
Make well in center of potatoes and place eggs
Sprinkle salt, pepper, nutmeg, and grated Parmesan over potatoes
With additional flour on cutting board use your hand or a pastry spatula to slowly incorporate the potato, egg and some
flour to form ball to be kneaded gently. Add more flour or water if necessary, in small amounts to form the ‘dough’
It helps to keep your fingers dry with flour when handling the sticky ball
The cutting board should be clean of debris except for this ball of gnocchi
Cut into four equal parts and roll each one into cylinders, about the size of a cigar
Cut with a sharp knife, I prefer to use the back side of the knife.  Be careful, the blade is now facing up but this makes a better cut.  Set aside on board until all are complete.
Bring seasoned water to 160 degrees and cook gnocchi in batches.  Use a deep stock pot and allow them to fall to the bottom and rise again.  Not the best results in a shallow pot.
Remove with slotted spoon and toss with cold butter and fresh herbs, serve immediately


Add a spoonful of mustard to the mixture as well as fresh herbs

Grate fresh lemon zest when adding parmesan and seasonings for an extra flavor

Melt butter in pan until it froths and you notice the golden brown and nutty aroma, add gnocchi and toast in
pan with fresh sage

Serve chilled with a salad, bitter greens such as arugula, tomatoes and a tart vinaigrette such as balsamic

Add to your skillet or grill after searing meats to absorb addition flavor and texture

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