Pearl Farmers Market Carrots, Crunchy Vadouvan Onion Salad

Pearl Farmers Market Carrot Puree, Crunchy Vadouvan Onion Salad

Inspired by the February carrots at Springfield Farm who diligently share produce with us at the Pearl and in Austin.  Vadouvan spice inspired from the visit at Le-Sanctuaire in San Francisco late last year, amazing spice blend not one to be duplicated, best to order from them directly. 

Carrot Puree
4oz per portion, yields almost 32 oz
12 carrots
1 onion
1 stalk celery
1 plug of ginger
16 oz carrot juice
16 oz orange juice
Salt and pepper
1 oz sour cream
Season with salt and pepper, cook carrots with onion, celery, ginger and juice until soft and liquid reduced to ¾
of original amount. Blend smooth. When heating for service, adjust seasoning if necessary. Add sour cream and
squeeze of lemon.

Vadouvan Spice
Yields one quart of spice blend
.2 oz cloves
.3 oz pepper flakes
.2 oz nutmeg
.3 oz turmeric
.4 oz mustard seeds
.4 oz cardamom
.7 oz cumin
.5 oz fenugreek
15 garlic cloves, smashed
1# shallots, sliced
2# onions, diced
Olive oil blend
Blend onions, shallots, and garlic in robo coupe until rough.
Sweat until golden, add ground spices and cook in oven on sheet tray until almost dry, low temp
Cover and place in cooler.

Granola Salad
Hearts of celery leaves, chiffonade
Italian parsely leaves, chiffonade
Micro cilantro
Vadouvan onion flakes
Pomegranate seeds
Orange zest
Texas Olive Oil

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