Wild Mushroom and Natural Farro Porridge

Wild Mushroom Porridge with Natural Farro

per serving, for four guests

2 oz par cooked farro in mushroom stock
24 oz mushroom stock, approximate for total preparation
1 oz butter
2 oz cooked wild mushroom puree
1 oz microplaned parmesan
Olive oil blend
Squeeze of fresh lemon
Fresh chopped herbs of thyme, chives, chervil
Salt and pepper

Toast dry farro on sheet tray in oven until light brown and nutty.
Cook in sauce pan with hot mushroom stock, risotto method, adding stock slowly,  until al dente.
Reserve and cool if necessary.
Complete cooking with more mushroom stock and add mushroom puree, one to one ratio per guest
To finish before service, add butter parm, herbs and lemon. Porridge should be moist and lay
flat on plate with meniscus.
Garnish with truffle powder and arugula

Wild Mushroom Puree
Wash and clean all mushrooms of dirt and debris
Chanterelle, trumpet, maiitake, shiitake, crimini, morel, truffle
One to one ratio of sliced shallots to mushrooms
Rough chop blend of mushrooms, season with salt and pepper
Sweat shallots in sauté pan, add mushrooms and allow to caramelize in cast iron pan, deglaze
with white wine and remove from heat. Blend smooth in food processor.  Add appropriate amount per recipe.


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