Ferry Building Farmers Market

The most impressive farmers market to date.  Madison is the largest, Boulder is groovy and just as hip as Charlottesville but San Francisco has the widest variety of everything.  I have the most respect for out local Pearl, the farmers are real generation, real dirt and perspiration every week.   Maybe it is the age of the farmer, determined by the calloused handshake and the tired eyes.   They are not on a trust fund and this is not their second career, particularly noticed when you see the kids helping their folks with the stand.  But San Francisco in the Ferry Building, on a Saturday, has the largest and everything above, an inspiration for cooking.



2 Replies to “Ferry Building Farmers Market”

  1. The variety of products at Ferry Building Farmers Market is amazing. Thanks for the Pearl FM shout out! Would love for you to do a cooking demo one Saturday during market!

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