Farm Fresh Poached Egg and Crispy Berkshire Pork Guanciale

Farm Fresh Poached Egg and Crispy Berkshire Pork ‘Guanciale’

Salad of Frisee and Arugula with Pure Luck Goat Cheese and

 Warm Cabernet Vinaigrette


This is a five star egg salad.  A variation on a classic with a few twists.  The guanciale is standing in for pancetta or bacon which can be substituted.  The vinaigrette is warm but can be served at room temperature.  Using simple ingredients combined with proper technique work to a form a lush salad or appetizer.  The goal is to poach the egg just right that the silky yolk lends itself to become part of the sauce.   This doesn’t have to happen, the salad still tastes great, it is just a goal to poach the egg, serve the salad and eat. 


Serves 2 guests


2 farm fresh eggs, preferably cage free

2 oz heavy cream

1 tablespoon of chives

Salt and pepper

Butcher twine or swing

Plastic wrap and coffee cup or ramekin


Line the coffee cup with plastic wrap, enough that it drapes over the side.  Pour equal parts of cream and chives into the cup and crack the egg into gently.  Season with salt and white pepper.  Wrap the plastic around and tie with butcher twine.  Chill this sealed ‘purse’ until ready for use.



1 head of frisee lettuce

4 oz wild arugula

Discard green leaves of frisee.  Wash greens well with cold water



1 oz olive oil

4 oz shaved guanciale, fried crispy with olive oil, reserve oil in pan

Drain on paper towels


Red Wine Vinaigrette

2 shallots, finely chopped

2 oz red wine

1 oz red wine vinegar

1 oz honey

1oz Dijon mustard


Add shallots to warm oil from guanciale pan and sweat 2 minutes on low heat

Add red wine, bring to simmer until reduced by half

Add honey, vinegar and mustard stir well with spoon



Poach egg in 160 degree water approximately 7-10 minutes.  The egg white will be firm and the yolk should be a little soft.  Remove from water, cut off string with kitchen scissors and place in center of salad bowl.

Toss salad leaves in bowl with warm dressing.  Arrange on salad plate and garnish with the crispy guanciale.



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