Carr Valley — Sid Cook

Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook holds four Masters in cheesemaking to include cheddar, fontina, and two mixed milk. He has been making cheese for the fourth generation of his family for the last 45 years; approximately 80 varieties. He operates three cheese factories and seven cheese stores in Wisconsin, most near La Valle as well as an online store. 10-12000 pounds of cheese are produced daily with milk from 30-35 local farms, picked up and delivered in his own trucks. The names are American original, trademarked with his own style. He purchases 70% of all the sheeps milk in Wisconsin from 30 sheep farms. His goat milk comes from 8 local goat farms. The area of La Valle is known as the Driftless Glacier part of the state, producing more flora in the fields than any other resulting in distinctive milk and cheese flavor. His latest project is a graziers cheddar of the four seasons, one for each time of the year.

At today’s tasting, we tried 12 cheeses not currently available to Texas but hopefully coming soon.
1. Smoked pepperjack with applewood
2. Smoked Billy Goat Blue
3. Black Goat Truffle
4. Smoked Fontina
5. Airco, cow, sheep, goat soft smoked cheese
6. Mellage, mixed milk blend
7. Sweet Vanilla Cardona
8. Virgin Pine Native Sheep
9. Ba Ba Blue, sheep
10. Apple Smoked Garlic Cheddar
11. Casa Bolo Mellage
12. Aged Gouda
13. (yesterday) Wildflower Cheddar

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