Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

This afternoons two hour seminar on the cheese industry also featured a 6 course cheddar tasting. The average farm in Wisconsin has 100 cows with only one large corporate farm although some families own more than one farm.
Americans consume over 32 pounds if cheese a year, far behind the smaller country of Greece which consumes over 82 pounds a year per person. Why? Because the US mixes it with food whereas in most countries, the cheese stands alone. Wisconsin actually produces more mozzarella than cheddar. And specialty cheeses make up for 17% of all cheese production. It is a $24 million dollar industry for the state. 26% of all the cheese in the US comes from Wisconsin. Over 700 varieties of cheese are produced with every cheesemaker being licensed by the state.
Fun Fact 1: every type of milk contains lactose, cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, ect.
After 60 days of aging, it is broken down enough not to harm anyone with a lactose or milk allergy.
Fun Fact 2: the cheese in sausages, for example, a cheddar bratwurst, the cheese is made with rennet from a camel which holds up well with high heat cooking

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