Crave Brothers

Thomas, Charles, Mark and George Crave each take of a certain part if the farm responsibility. Over 1700 acres and 1200 cows produce 100000 pounds of milk daily also producing 10000 pounds of cheese daily. Milking takes place three times a day, 24 hours a day, every day. The milk is stored in tanks and pumped underground across the road to the cheese plant. All the corn, alfalfa and soy beans are grown on property and all the cows begin their life here for a true farmstead cheese. The greenest feature of the farm is the anerobic manure processor which heats all the animal manure to 105 degrees for the microbial breakdown producing methane gas. This powers the engine creating all the electricity for the farm and cheese plant as well as 300 area homes.

We had a great lunch in their tasting room featuring mozzarella, fresh mascarpone and my favorite Les Freres, a soft ripened, aromatic cheese.

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