Wisconsin Cheese Trade Show

Ten cheesemakers presented in rotating group of guests for 10+ minutes each. A ‘speed dating’ with the cheesemaker but very intimate and personal.
Arla Foods — Saga, Blues, Brie and Gouda

Belgioiso — all the milk travels within 30 miles of the plant

BlueMont Dairy — bandaged cheddar almost two years old, finished in caves with only pasture milk from May to October

Burnett Dairy Coop — 230 farms in a five county area, all with the same feed mill. Two master cheesemakers on staff.

Grassland Dairy — for 106 years, largest milk intake in Wisconsin

Henning’s Cheese — produces up to 1000 pound wheels of cheddar. Also flavor cheddars such as Blueberry, Mango and Habernero

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