WI Cheese Trade Show Part 2

Monday Afternoon Continued…

Holland Family Cheese — farmstead milk, cheese is made within 5 hours of milking from 750 cows but only 12% of the milk is used for cheese. Average 40 wheels of cheese a day, 4 days a week. From Holland farmers who moved here to buy a dairy since it was more affordable than Holland.

Nordic Creamery — Grumpy Goat and Caprica. Also a cumin and clove blend of cow and goat milk.

Sartorial Foods — 12 month asiago and the only Bella Vitano. Original, Merlot, Balsamic, and Raspberry.

Uplands Cheese — only one cheese from Mike Gingrich. An amazing farmstead cheese made from May to October. Each cow has 1 1/2 acre of pasture each. I have used this cheese for the last 6 years and was thrilled to finally meet the cheese master Mike.

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