Lemon Dill Risotto

Risotto with Lemon and Dill




2 ounces carnaroli risotto, raw

.5 ounce fresh lemon juice

.0625 ounce fresh dill

.0625 ounce lemon confit

1 ounce whole butter, cold

1 ounce shaved parmesan

8 ounces parmesan stock

1 ounce nouilly prat vermouth

Lemon Confit

6 lemons, juiced

Cover with cold water

Bring to a simmer 10 minutes

Drain, rinse

Cover with cold water again

Bring to simmer 10 minutes

Drain rinse cool

Clean pith and discard, dice or julienne rind


Cook rice with parmesan stock, slowly, stirring slowly, adding stock in increments to gradually cook rice past the al dente stage.  Keeping in loose and not thick, finish rice with parmesan, squeeze of lemon juice, dill and vermouth.  Add pat of cold butter to finish and when melted, serve immediately.

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