Overnight Pork Shoulder with Creamy Brussel Sprouts and Grilled Flatbread

The easiest of all pork to cook, let the oven do the work on the lowest temperature setting.  Seasoned well, the meat should pull away with a spoon when pried and not ‘bounce’.   Good the next day for pork sandwiches.


Any of the following will produce great results.  Pork shoulder, pork roast, prime rib of pork, blade cut of boston butt.  Season pork with dry rub and and fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme.  Cut one large onion, 2 carrots and a stalk of celery and place under the pork to add moisture while cooking.  Wrap in foil and place in oven 8-12 hours at the lowest temperature setting, 180-200 degrees.  Cool and bring up to temp on stove or on grill.

Dry Rub

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup kosher salt

1 T ground cumin

1 T ground coriander

1 T black pepper

1 T cinnamon

1 T smoked paprika

grind all spices in pepper mill

Brussel Sprouts

1 ounces applewood bacon diced and rendered

3 ounces shaved brussel sprouts

1 Tablespoon stone ground mustard

1 shallot, shaved thin

2 ounces heavy cream

½ granny smith apple, julienne

render bacon in sauté pan, add brussel sprouts and season, sweat briefly until warmed though, add mustard, apple and cream, bring to boil, cook for one minute and serve immediately

Naan Flatbread

¼ oz yeast

1 ¼ cup warm water

1 T honey

4 oz butter

¼ milk

4 cups flour

1 egg

salt and pepper

Heat water to 110 degrees, add yeast and honey and rest 10 minutes.

Stir slowly in large bowl all ingredients until dough is kneaded.  Cover and rest until doubled in size.  Cut into eight even portions and flatten with rolling pin.  Cook in cast iron pan or on the grill approximately 3 minutes each side.

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